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Starseed Indigo Crystal Support Hypnotherapy Session


Image of Starseed Indigo Crystal Support Hypnotherapy Session

This hypnotherapy is to assist you in your starseed mission, in uncovering what needs to be known directly from your higher self.
This session will combine techniques of energy work with hypnotherapy guided to support you this lifetime.

*This session space is to allow you to become more aware of your life purpose on earth, at this time.
*No guarantees are made as to the outcome or content of the session, but I work in alignment with the laws of universal organic spiritual energies, and I will not usurp your own will at any point
*This session will usually be up to 2-2.5 hours, and a confidential interview form will be sent to you prior to the session mutually agreed time.
*at this time, this session space is for IN PERSON hypnotherapy sessions