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Sparkle! Laughter Yoga & Galactic Heart


Image of Sparkle! Laughter Yoga & Galactic Heart

Sparkle - Friday 30th June 7pm-9pm Laughter Yoga With Galactic Heart - £20- refreshments provided, pre-booking essential at indigointuitive.co.uk

Come along and try laughter yoga, then snuggle down in your blanket into Galactic Heart connections with your own energy. Laughter yoga is a proven method of relieving stress in the body, participants laugh, move around, and shake up that seriousness for a while and sometimes, you fake it til you make it. You will be sure to release some pent up stress or emotions through the space. Also, amazing for uplifting the inner spirits and expanding that happy feeling into your life. Activating more eternal flow of love with your heart. Galactic Heart is where you connect more fully into your own energy system, we speak through relaxation and guidance to connect with a 12D shield which supports your aura strength, and then if guided to receive cosmic ray energy through the created field space. Ultimate in chilling out and soothing for the soul. Blankets required for galactic comfort. Stretchy layers of clothing suggested for your body freedom.

Venue is Purple Dove Studio, 54 Wilson Place, East Kilbride, G74 4QD
Close to bus routes, and parking available on site